Home Measurement Services

Accuracy is everything in real estate appraisals.

The data listed for a property’s living area square footage in county tax records is often different from the property’s actual square footage after being assessed and placed on the market. Larger homes with a more complex floorplan and are difficult to measure alone as a real estate agent. As an agent, you can be held liable for inaccurate square footage measurements listen on MLS.

We offer home measurement services using the latest technology to accurately assess the square footage of your property. Forget tape measures with pen and paper. We record all our data using laser measurement tools entered directly into our appraisal software on-site, allowing us to determine distances as accurately and quickly as possible as well as have our measurements checked with our software to confirm accuracy.

If you need more than just a confirmation of proper GLA (gross living area), we can create a more accurate floor plan recreation for you to cross-reference as an agent. Our floor plans show locations of interior walls, doors, specific rooms, appliances left on site, plumbing/heating fixtures, and anything else you find noteworthy.

Contact Us¬†to order any of our home measurement services. ¬†With The Real Estate Appraisal Group, we promise you’ll get the right measurements the first time.