How to Sell on a Busy Street: 5 Tips that are Proven to Work

How to Sell on a Busy Street: 5 Tips that are Proven to Work

Trying to sell a property on a busy steet certainly comes with it’s roadblocks.  


Almost every home buyer has to compromise on something they want when buying their first home.  It might be a 3rd bedroom bedroom.  It might be a large back yard. When living near a road with high traffic, the compromise is usually peace and quiet.  Homes near busy roads can sell for upwards of 15% less than nearby similar ones- they attract far fewer buyers than those in the rest of the neighborhood.  To buyers who don’t mind, this is great news-  there are always solutions to dealing with the sound of the street.  


Here are 5 tips to keep in mind when dealing with with homes near traffic:


1.  You Can Make the Inside Quieter. Even something as simple as a blowing fan can make the sounds of traffic less noticeable.  Playing soft music around the house can help distract buyers from the outside noise- especially in rooms with windows.  A nice pair of heavy drapes can help some, but the most important thing is to make sure windows are sealed correctly with caulk and weather strips.  The more expensive triple-pane or noise reducing windows will really do the trick if it’s a serious problem.


2. Make That “For Sale” Sign Pop.  This is one of the few advantages of living near a busy road.  With more people passing by, your street sign will get more exposure.  To attract more buyers, try to include more information about the house by putting more information in the sign:  RENOVATED! POOL! 3 BEDROOM! and so on.  Emphasizing your homes best (preferably indoor) features makes your sign stand out more, and give more information to the potential buyer who otherwise would have been less intrigued.  


3.Try a Little Landscaping.  There are multiple ways to limit or reduce the impact of a busy street.  Planting trees or shrubs along the roadside can help drown out the sound of passing cars.  Adding a fountain close to any exit of the home can help block out extraneous noise; the sound of babbling water is often considered relaxing.  Adding a tall fence with no gaps around the home works quite well, as sound reflects off of dense objects.  


4. Think About Safety.  It’s worth thinking about that homes near busier streets or access roads are actually easier for emergency vehicles to reach, meaning a quicker response time if anything ever warrants a 911 phone call.  Pizza deliveries might be a little quicker too.  


5. Mum is the Word.  The term “loud” is perspective.  What’s loud to a librarian might not be the same to those who play in a heavy metal band- and the same is true for buyers.  Don’t be the first one to mention the noise.  If they don’t notice or seem to mind, then it’s nothing to worry about.



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