Home Staging- Is It REALLY Worth It? [Video]

Home Staging- Is It REALLY Worth It? [Video]


Short Answer: Yes It Is.  Long Answer: It Really Depends.


So you’ve decided to sell, and are getting ready to put your home up on the market- fantastic news.  You’ve found an agent, made all the necessary repairs… but there’s just one problem: the house is empty. Is that actually a problem?  That really depends. 

As real estate appraisers, we look at a wide variety of homes every day- some completely furnished, some completely empty.  We were curious as to how staged houses– or vacant homes on the market that have been made-up to look like they’re currently lived in- fare on the market in comparison to empty homes, regardless of their age or condition.

We spent some time searching for recent sales of both staged and non-staged homes, and were a little bit surprised by our results:





When it comes down to it, a fully staged home will sell for around the same price as one with similar features in the same market area- but it will certainly sell faster.  




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Jonathan Montgomery Founder and President of the The Real Estate Appraisal Group.  He has been a real estate professional since 1998. He’s been a broker, and investor, and now serves as an appraiser.  He currently works as an appraiser, doing real estate appraisals in Washington D.C., Southern Maryland, and Northern Virginia.

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