Pre Listing/Purchase and For Sale By Owner Appraisals


For several years, it was understood you’d need a professional real estate broker to handle a sale by owner. The usual charge was 6%, which would still result in profit- if there were rising property values and the market conditions were in your favor.
Today, most homeowners are already locked into a strict mortgage. Selling your house by yourself is incredibly tempting in today’s market. For example, selling a $250,000 yourself would leave you with another $15,000 in your pocket.

Home for sale

Whether you’re trying to sell your property on your own or trying to establish a list price as a realtor, sifting through all the market data on your own is a challenge.

It’s quite common today for realtors and homeowners alike to look for appraiser assistance when trying to determine an initial list price, especially if the home owner is trying to sell on their own.

Be confident in your list price.  A proper real estate appraisal will arm the for-sale-by-owner seller with the right negotiation tools to use with potential buyers and their agents.  Potential buyers will feel more confident after seeing proof of your home’s determined value on paper.  Appraisers are trained to recognize and note any upfront or obvious repair problems, eliminating the last minute repair hassle worrys in uneasy buyers.

Whether you’re selling your home on your own or not, a pre-listing appraisal is usually just what the doctor ordered to ensure you get the most value possible on your home.  Our appraisers will help you determine fair list price for your property, as well as point out what potential improvements would help add the most value to your home in the most cost-effective manor.

If you’re a buyer, asking for a pre-purchase appraisal will help you be sure that your paying no more than you should for the home you want.

Whether you’re a seller, a buyer, an agent, or anyone involved in real estate- you should be confident in the price you ask for and the price you pay.