Commercial Appraisals

The Real Estate Appraisal Group® provides a wide range of real estate services across the DMV metropolitan area, including commercial real estate appraisals.  As an independent appraisal company unaffiliated with any brokerage firms, delivering accurate, high quality appraisals has always been our #1 priority.  Properties we appraise include but are not limited to:

Offices • Industrial • Retail  Automotive Servicing • Apartments/Multi-Family • Places of Worship Parking Lots  Medical  Entertainment/Recreation Properties  Airplane Hangers   Farmland & More   

 Not all real estate appraisals are the same, and this saying goes double for commercial appraisals.  All that’s required to conduct a commercial real estate appraisal is a certified general appraiser license- and with larger, national appraiser firms, that will be the only qualification your appraiser will have.

Larger appraiser firms always upcharge for their brand name while sending their trainees to perform appraisals on their own, correcting their mistakes overtime instead of mentoring them through the appraisal process.  This increases the potential for mistakes, many of which are invisible to the untrained eye and yet can still result in thousands of dollars of lost value in the finished report- and you would never know.

With The Real Estate Appraisal Group®, you’ll always get an accurate appraisal, performed by a licensed, experienced commercial appraiser, given to you on time, every time.  


Accurate commercial real estate appraisals, every time.

Performed by experienced, professional commercial real estate appraisers.

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When requesting a commercial appraisal fee quote, please include as much information about the subject property as possible, or call 301.304.3032 today to speak with one of our appraisers directly.