Bankruptcy Appraisals


In any case with a bankruptcy appraisal, a good attorney will recommend their clients get an appraisal during declaration.

Small discrepancies in your home value end up coming out of your pocket. If your house is listed as too low, a trustee can object their scheduled valuation and even worse, try and get permission to simply seize your home from the court.

An inaccurate appraisal in a bankruptcy will damage your relationship with the judge, trustee, and opposing counsel. Even worse, an appraisal listed too high it can run your chances of a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13, leaving you paying back more money than you need to.

Getting the right real estate appraiser can make all the difference in a situation like this.  We examine the values of debtor-in-possession financing, help identify sale and leasebacks, re-organization opportunities, and potential spin offs.

Bankruptcy is nothing to take lightly.  We’ll provide the professional, certified real estate appraiser you need to deliver the stress-free appraisal you want.



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