Bail Bond Appraisals

If you’re a homeowner who needs to post bail, The Real Estate Appraisal Group understands how difficult your situation may be. Being taken into custody can be a traumatizing experience. We recognize how important a speedy turnaround is during a bail bond appraisal- no one wants be in jail longer than they have to.

For a bail bondsman to put your property up for collateral before your trial, they’ll obviously need to know how much its worth. A bail bond real estate appraiser is almost always required under these circumstances- and a fast one at that.

Upon requesting a bail bond appraisal, a certified Real Estate Appraisal Group appraiser will always gives this appraisal the highest priority above all others. We are more than willing to reschedule previous appraisals, appointments, and anything that would keep up from completing your appraisal as fast as possible.

The Real Estate Appraisal Group will perform a professional, accurate,  and fast appraisal ready to be placed in the hands of your bail bondsman as soon as they need it. We understand these situations can be sensitive- all of our services are both discreet and confidential to protect your privacy.

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