Autumn Leaves Will Fall, But The Real Estate Market Will Not- Here’s Why

Autumn Leaves Will Fall, But The Real Estate Market Will Not- Here’s Why

Just because autumn is right around the corner doesn’t mean you need to give up on selling your home just yet.  Spring and Summer are always the busiest seasons, but that doesn’t mean sales grind to a halt every other day of the year.

Of course browsing between each real estate open house is much easier in a summer dress or a pair or shorts, but there are in fact very real buyers still browsing around between Labor Day and Christmas.  While a bit of the family market may be dropping off as they’ve all settled in before the new school season began, times have changed- the market doesn’t religiously follow this formula anymore.  Singles, first-time millennials, and others are all still out there looking to buy- and they’re just not doing it driving from street to street anymore.


Most People Shop For Homes Today in the Palm of their Hand.

It’s 2015- People aren’t flipping through the newspaper looking for real estate listings anymore.


The internet’s made it easy enough to that we can search for the home we want without even lifting a finger- okay, well maybe lifting one finger- but that’s it.  Websites like Redfin and Zillow are now letting their customers shop for homes in 3D, able to take a virtual tour of the floorplan of select properties, making just that much easier to explore a home without getting up out of your seat.

Even more, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) is starting to approve unmanned flying drones for commercial use in real estate to take aerial photographs and videos to of a property, making even MORE easier to see an entire property without getting up. 

Soon enough, everyone will be looking at 3D model of the inside and aerial videos/photos of the outside of every property they’d consider buying, and they’ll be doing it all online.  With tools like these, young buyers haven’t been worrying about the weather outside when it comes to searching for a home.  They’re more interested in finding the best house, for the best price, as soon as its posted- which is also surprisingly easier in the fall, because…


There’s Less Competition At The End of the Year.


“I’m only showing to you guys today; no one else is interested.”

 The spring and summer bidding-wars are coming to an end.

 Those who didn’t buy this spring and summer are ready to swoop in on those end of the year deals.  

While there are still a few buyers around in the winter, the approaching cold weather hangs over the heads of buyers who don’t want to be unloading moving trucks in below-freezing weather- as a result, buyers tend to be more aggressive in the closing days of the year.  



If You Plan on Trying to Sell Some Real Estate This Fall/Winter, Here Are Some Brief Tips To Keep in Mind:

Clean Up that Fire Place

Fireplaces do nothing but take up space in the warmer seasons- but when taking that first step into that open house when it’s even a little chilly outside, a fire become instantly more noticeable.  People tend not to realize how much they would actually use a fireplace until they see it in action first-hand.

Take Care of That Yard- Regularly.

It really can be a pain, but keeping the yard of a listing tidy is important in the off-season.  Be sure to pull down any of the looming summer-vines and keep the yard raked- especially before showing the house to anyone.

Check the HVAC Filter

People aren’t leaving the windows open as often anymore, and thusly you want the inside of your home to smell just as fresh as the summer air outside.  Replacing or having a home inspector look at your furnace filter is a good idea both to freshen up the home and catch any preemptive problems before putting your home up on the market.




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